primestar Group


The Company

PRIMESTAR was founded in 2014 by private investors and entrepreneurs with broad expertise in both the real estate business and the hotel sector. The existing core competences are additionally strengthened by the involvement of absolute top experts. In 2021 the founding CEO Andreas Erben led a management buyout of the company aligning the interest between shareholder and management positioning the company for growth. With the appointment of Oliver Kupka as an additional managing partner in January 2022, the company was positioned accordingly for additional strategic growth.

In addition to its professional expertise, PRIMESTAR is also built on a sound economic basis. The capitalisation is adapted to the requirements of banks and investors and enables potential project developers to conclude lease agreements with PRIMESTAR, to obtain financings from banks with an affinity to hotels, and to sell to institutional hotel investors.
PRIMESTAR's aim is to generate multiple opportunities and thus strategic growth with the parties involved. The company is planning to creating further strategic growth and embark as new generation hotel operator through further expansion of PRIMESTAR’s portfolio and important new features such as a direct booking system, digitalization and the establishment of a new brand around additional product offerings for long-term stay and work space.

The strategy

PRIMESTAR through its first segment “Franchise” is one of the leading operator of international brand hotels in Germany. PRIMESTAR is one of the very few German operators with strategic Multi-Development-Agreements (MDA) with Intercontinental Hotels Group – IHG and Hilton – in place. Primestar has a tailored brand and franchise approach for each individual location.
PRIMESTAR has established its second strategic pillar with Primestar Operator GmbH. The group is planning to develop its own brand in the 3-star segment with up to 20 properties including a long-stay concept and working lounges. For the newly installed Primestar Operator GmbH the Group is focusing on the acquisition of existing hotels, their leases or tenant companies.
PRIMESTAR focused on hotels with limited / focused service and a room count of 100 – 350 in central locations with good infrastructure as well as selectively on airport hotels. Regionally, PRIMESTAR focuses on hotels in German Top 7 A-Cities as well as in selected economically strong metropolitan areas.